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“Would You Like To Have Your Own Dealer License?”

Well, here are the 2 ways to do it!

#1. You can use one of the “get your dealer license” services advertised on the internet.  They say it’s fast and easy!

or the better option

#2. You can get the license yourself.  And not have the problems with using someone’s license.  Just watch the following video to know how to recognize the scams!

So let’s look at #1:   Hiring a Dealer License Service

Now let’s look at #2:   Doing it Yourself

I think you can see it’s better to start with #2 so you can educate yourself and get your own license.

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“We’re up and running”

Hi Don! We were in contact last summer after I purchased your materials on how to get a dealer license.  It took longer than expected but the good news now is we’re in business!  Bottom line is I wanted to say thank you for your guidance and to let you know we followed through and we’re up and running as of about a week ago. Matt – Phoenix, AZ


Yes YOU, like Matt, Can Get a Dealer License and Start a Profitable Used Car Business!

Retail / Wholesale / Exporting


 Dealer License cONSULTANT

Don Massey

From: The Desk of Don Massey,

Colorado Dealer License #38936

A dealer member of National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association.


Don Massey, 8201 Lighthouse Lane Ct,  Windsor CO 80528

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Dealer License HQ

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Just Imagine…..

….. would you like to wake up in the morning and go to a dealer only auction to inspect the 10 used cars you selected last night using a little known Internet accessed databases, only available to licensed dealers?

You arrive at the auction at 9 am and use your personal Auction Access Card to get in.  You walk through the hundreds of cars, trucks, motorcyles and RV’s ready for the auction starting in one hour. Wow!  This is exciting!  All these vehicles, that only you as a dealer license can purchase, at true wholesale prices! Doesn’t this sound fantastic?

You find the 10 you pre selected.  Using your knowledge of how to check out a car, you decide you’ll bid on only 8 of them.

The auction starts! You’re ready to roll!

You win the 5 of the 8 bids.  You go to the business office and close the deals.  They charge them to your auction line of credit.  Yes, and they are financing your business! Isn’t that cool?

Because you have inside knowledge of the business, (you see it’s a lot more than just getting your dealer license) you’ve selected best selling cars that you know you can flip, before next week’s auction.  Each has a potential profit margin of $700 to $1500! You can do this for the rest of your life… just think of the impact on your income!

Would you like make those profits?

All you need is to get the right tools and systems working for you to get your license.

You’ll find all you need here!

You probably already know this…. but…

Top 7 reasons to get your own dealer license

  1. You’ll be on the “inside” of one the largest businesses in the world but you can start small.
  2. You’ll get open access to hundreds of dealer only auctions that you can buy wholesale!
  3. You’ll be able to buy cars at these auctions at thousands below retail.
  4. You’ll be a small business owner with all the tax breaks of the big guys.
  5. You’ll be able to offer friends and family cars at great prices.
  6. Drive any car you want, sell it at a profit and buy another dream car.
  7. You can make a great living with a dealer license.

Are you getting this?  Can you visualize yourself doing this?

My name is Don Massey, and I have supplied the info on how to do this to thousands of folks just like you for over twenty years and

Here’s the bottom line….

I put together this program with you in mind!

As you explore this site, you’ll find information and resources

that will show you the absolute best way to get your dealer license!

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s GO!

3 Complete Car Business Blueprints for ONE LOW PRICE!  All Updated for 2016!

eBook #1  – 12 STEPS on

How to Get Your Dealer License

Would you like an easy to understand Step-by-Step Process on How to Get a Dealer License


How to Start and Operate a Profitable Used Car Business in Your State?

Here it IS!

Dealer License eBook


Here is what you will learn about the car business in this 140+ page eBook

applyHow to Get Your Dealer License – You’ll learn how cut the Red Tape

applyAn Introduction to the Independent Used Car Business for the newbie

applyStarting A Used Car Business – How Much Profit Will You Make?

applyHow Much Money Will You Need to Start –  And all the Places to Find It

applyThree Successful Used Car Business Models – The Models, Ages and Price Ranges That Will Insure You Have Lots of Sales.

applyDealer Only Auctions Explained – The Inside Secrets Every Dealer Knows

applyHow to Determine the Value of a Vehicle – You’ll See How Dealers Do It Easily With Wholesale Price Guides the Public Cannot Access.

applyReconditioning Cars – At The Lowest Costs to Maximize Your Profits

applyEffective Advertising – How to Get the Customers Ready to Buy Now

applySecrets of Selling Via the Internet – Craigslist,, eBay and More

applySelling ―Certified Pre-owned Cars – How Warranties Make you Huge Profits

applyHow to be an Effective Salesman – How to Make More Sales – QUICKLY

applyHow To Do Consignment Sales – Make Easy Money Selling Other People’s      Cars.

applyHow to Provide Financing for Your Customers – Easily Sell More Cars

applyOther Sources of Income for the Used Car Dealer – Six Sources of Additional Profits on EVERY vehicle you sell.

applyGood Record Keeping – Dealer Software That Saves You Time AND money

applyTitling Issues and Processes – Knowing Your State’s Requirements

applyFederal Used Car Rule – How to Keep the Feds Happy

applyBusiness Planning – How to Easily Make One, Even If You Have Never Made One

applyPlanning For Your Used Car Business – All the Dirty Details For Maximum Profits

applyThe Legal Structure of Your Business – Corp, S-Corp, LLC or Sole Proprietor

applyInsurance Requirements And How To Get The Best At The Lowest Cost

applyUnraveling the Confusion of Local and State Regulations

applyTons of Invaluable Resources To Provide You Invaluable Help

Auto Dealer License e-Book

Dealer License eBook


You can have this ebook in 10 minutes!

eBook #2  – Get a Wholesale Dealer License

How to Get a Wholesale Dealer License

Wholesale License eBook

You need to seriously consider this dealer license option.

Here’s why….

applyThe licensing requirements are usually less with a wholesale dealer license than a retail dealer license.  So You Can Start With Less Expense

applyAlthough a wholesaler may not sell to the public, some states allow a wholesaler to consign cars to a retail lot.

applyThe wholesale dealer license is an easier entry way into the car business.  You can attend auctions, visit with dealers and learn the business with less risk than retail.

applyWholesale dealers can make as much as a small dealership without the hassle of selling to the public.

applyIt can easily be started part-time.

NOTE: Not all states offer the wholesale license

What Does an Auto Wholesaler Do?

The wholesale dealer provides a valuable service to the auto industry. The wholesale dealer license allows the purchase and sale of vehicles between dealers and between an auction and dealer.  The wholesaler provides this service.  A wholesaler cannot sell directly to the public.

Wholesalers Flip Cars

So what does the wholesaler do with the car?  Here is the little known business inside the larger auto industry.

Many small independent stores do not take trades but they need sources of used inventory.  The sources are the dealer only auctions and wholesale dealer license holders.

Let’s see how the wholesaler does this.  The wholesaler is a saleman.  He visits the franchise and independent lots and introduces himself and his service.  He lets the used car managers at the franchise stores know he would be interested in buying their excess inventory.  Her also asks what model and year of cars do they purchase.

He specifically asks the independents what model and year of cars would they be interested in buying.  He also notes he would be interested in buying their excess inventory. also.

He takes this client information of needs and by purchasing of excess inventory and vehicles at auction he creates a marketplace for his service.  A wholesaler may purchase from also individuals.

Profits in Volume

The profit margin on his sales will be low but he deals in volume.  And he moves the cars fast.

When he purchases excess inventory or auction cars, he already knows the clients that may be interested in the vehicle.  The cell phone is his office.  He calls offering the vehicles to his clients.

A wholesaler after developing a sound business relationship can become the authorized “buyer” for an independent at the dealer only auctions.

If this sounds something you might want to do….. read on.

Are You Interested? Then Keep on Reading…….

Here is what you will learn about the car business in this 110+ page eBook













Become an “insider” in the used car business and instantly gain the respect of everyone you come into contact — dealers, bankers, other wholesalers,  family, friends, you-name- them.  The wholesale dealer license is something you want to explore.. 

How to Get a Wholesale Dealer License

Wholesale License eBook

You can have this ebook in 10 minutes!

eBook #3 – Exporting Cars

“The Beginner’s Guide to Importing/Exporting Automobiles”

Export Cars

Export Car Business eBook

This is a Real Money Maker!

ABSOLUTE FACT: There Has Never Been a
Better Time for You to Export then Now…..Here’s Proof!

Look at  some numbers I ran today.

As a licensed dealer I have access to the Manheim Auctions database of all auction sales.

I found a low mileage 2013 Jeep Cherokee Overland sold recently for $31,900 at auction.

In Germany. the price of the same model is 55,970 Euros or $63,042!

Add 10% import duty ($3,000) and estimated $2,000 shipping costs to the auction cost.  Profit?  You do the math.

An exporter I talked with who lives in Fort Worth was shipping a Tundra he bought at auction for $32,000 to Eastern Russia.

The selling price?  $76,000.  Cost of shipping is $8,000.  25%  import duty.  You do the math.

Buy Cars With Your Dealer License and Make Big Profits! – Export Cars!

There is a resource that gives you the insider secrets from interviews and information from exporters, shippers, foreign nationals, Department of Commerce personnel, foreign embassies, and foreign trade associations.  Experts in the business!  I wrote it.

Here’s just a little of the insider information you’ll find in this ebook… Make big profits with your dealer license.

applyImport or Export Cars?  Which is the best?  And What Country?

applyHow to Select the Most Profitable Vehicles and Their Retail Values in Other Countries.

applyHow to Purchase These Vehicles at Wholesale From US Auctions and Used Car Dealers.

applyHow to Send Your Export Cars at the minimal expense.

applyHow to get information on the taxes and vehicle import duties for a country.

applyHow to discover and deal with foreign dealers and partners wanting to buy your export cars.

applyHow to export cars by dealing as an “agent” for foreign dealers.

applyHow the US government has experts in DC and in your country of chose that want support your sales efforts.

applyHow the US government will tell foreign buyers about your export car business. Free advertising.

applyAnd much, much, more!



A 122 page ebook report on over 50 countries


The import automotive market for each country is summarized.

Current market trends and the current market entry is reviewed.

There is a rating for each country as to the BEST countries to export to and the types of vehicles that are the hottest!

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica Croatia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Finland, France Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, South-Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Philippines, Poland Romania, Russia ,Saudi-Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South-Africa, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Because of the devaluation of the dollar and cars like the BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, KIA/Hyundia now being manufactured in the US, it is cheaper for a person in foreign country to buy a US made model of these cars.  The savings for high end models and big pick-ups are enormous.

Start an export car business!

Export Car Business

Export Car Business

You can have this ebook and the Guide in 10 minutes!

Don Massey

Don Massey

If you are not satisfied you have my unconditional……

DEaler license guarantee6,000+ Satisfied Customers!


“I’ve never been much of a “car guy”.  That changed overnight when a longtime client of my firm asked for licensing help with his start-up auto business.  He handed me Don’s  materials to read overnight.  By the next day, I knew the required licensing steps and was able to hit the ground running for my client.  Not mention, I was so excited about the prospects for the business I basically begged the client to let me in on the deal!  Jack, a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale



Dealer License HQ

Now I have an offer you can’t refuse.

I’ve bundled my 3 eBooks and the 3 e-reports in a package for one low price.

So here’s what you’ll receive:

The 3 eBooks updated for 2016…… 

ebook1-sm ebook2-wholesaler-sm  

 and 3 Reports……

“Automotive Resource Guide”



The import automotive market for over 50 countries is summarized.

Current market trends and the current market entry is reviewed.

There is a rating for each country as to the BEST countries to export to and the types of vehicles that are the hottest!

“Talk the Talk”



Every industry has it’s own language.  Words you never hear any where else. As an example…. Can you tell me the meaning of these car business words?

“Marony Label”…….  “A Be Back”…… “Car Jacket”…… “Curbstoner”……  “Floor Whores”……

These are just a few of the “interesting” words in this everyday dictionary for the car business.

Read this and you’ll be ready to “talk the talk” when you get your dealer license.

 IRS Audit Guidelines for a Used Car Dealer” 

Car Dealer IRS Guidelines


When you own a business, one of the important aspects of it is your bookeeping.  The IRS has a guide for it’s agents in case they need to audit a used car business.

This it!

With this information you’ll know the way to protect your dealer licnese from the IRS agents.



I have sold hundreds of these DEALER LICENSE eBooks for $47 each

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