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FREE Dealer License Consulting

Don Massey
Colorado Dealer

That’s right!  You’ll receive absolutely FREE email or telephone dealer license consulting with the purchase of any of the ebooks on the retail license, wholesale license or car exporting.

Other dealer license programs require you to purchase packages for several  hundred dollars before providing any coaching and then it’s limited to a couple of hours.

Here is my email address:  And here’s my telephone number:  (970) 988-3682.  You can even call me to see I’m real.  I am!

I provide unlimited coaching.  How can I do that?  Because 99 % of questions you’ll have are provided in my manuals!  How do I know that?   Just read HERE what others are saying about my information and support.

I’m here to help my customers in any way I can.

Have questions?  Go to my contact page.

Many guys ask…. “Why do you giver FREE consulting”?  It’s so simple.  I want to know what is NOT answered in my eBooks about getting a dealer license.  When I get a NEW question, I include it and the answer in the annual updates.  That’s called customer service.  That’s all.  The best product has to be updated.

Don Massey

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