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Where Do You Buy Dealer Plates?

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I regularly receive calls asking, “Don, I want to know how do I get dealer plates?”

I reply, “You can purchase them from you’re DMV when you receive your dealer license”

On the phone, today, I got this reply to that answer.  “It’s really hard to get a dealer license in my state, Florida, I just want dealer plates.  There’s this dealer here in Florida who says he will sell one to me.

I stopped the discussion and asked, “Do you understand why dealers are issued a dealer plate””

There was no answer.  So I’ll give the answer since you do not know why.

Dealers have inventory: vehicles.  They own these vehicles.

They are not registered with the state but the dealer holds the title.

These vehicles may need to be driven on a public street.  The reasons for this can be to move the vehicle from a storage lot to the dealer; to demo the vehicle with a potential buyer; to take the vehicle to a repair location, to move the vehicle to another dealer who has purchased it; to another dealership owned by the dealer; to drive the vehicle for emissions test.

The dealer purchases these dealer plates and the number is usually limited by the state.

Having plates on the vehicles while on public roads will keep the police from ticketing the dealer employee for driving a vehicle without a license plate.

A dealer license plate is for the convenience of the dealer

No dealer shall transfer, lend or permit the use of dealer plates by another dealer or any
other person.

After I explained the use of dealer plates, I asked the caller, “So how is the dealer going to sell you a plate”?  I counseled him that he should check the legality of a dealer license purchase with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

I told him, his problem was not understanding the workings of the license process and the auto dealer industry rules and regulations.

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  1. thank you for your time today. You explained what I needed to hear in a moment. I will buy your books because you have freely given accurate information where others charge for bull.

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