How to Get a Dealer License Without a Car Lot

How to Get a Dealer License Without a Car Lot


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Obtain Your Dealer License!

dealer license hq9How to Get Dealer License

Without Car Lot?

Hi, I’m Don Massey, a licensed Colorado car dealer.

I have some extremely important information to share with you. Knowing this could make the difference of you getting or not getting a dealer license.  Interested in knowing what it is?

When you read the dealer license requirements for your state you will begin by assuming you need to have a car lot to qualify for your license.  So everything you read will be interpreted through this assumption.  You can find the requirements at

Let’s see what a few states say in their dealer license requirements about a car lot.

California:  There is no reference to a “lot” in their licensing rules. California requires you to have a business location.  You cannot sell from your home.

Texas:  In the license requirements for Texas there is no mention about a lot requirement. You must have a business location.

Missouri:  This state requires a business location with the display area or a lot.  In other words a your display area can be inside the building.  No lot required.

Colorado:  This is my state.  I’m going to show you an example a person who correctly interpreted the rules for what they say, not his preconceived idea of a car dealership. Colorado’s primary business location license requirements are:

  • Must have an enclosed office
  • Books and records safely stored
  • Electrical service
  • Restrooms
  • Facility used exclusively for dealer business.
  • Parking Spaces (note it does not say lot)
  • Permanent signing with letters at least 6 inches tall
  • Must comply with local regulations and zoning

Here is a photo of his “dealership”!

How to get a dealer license without a car lot

A Colorado Dealership The Center Door!

Bingo!  Wow! A commercial storage building! Doesn’t look like a dealership!  Doesn’t look like a sales place!  Where are the parking spaces? Inside! He simply found a location that meets the requirements for the dealer license. So what does this mean?

He knew how to get a dealer license without a car lot!

So what do you need to do when reading requirements? You need to think out of the box. I don’t know of any state to requires a lot.  Business location?  Yes, and by the way, there are other ways to satisfy this business location quagmire

Now here’s a question.

How are you going to think out of the box when you don’t know anything about the box?

Doesn’t that make sense?

Do you know you need more information about the box?

Do you want an experienced mentor to show you all the roadblocks to getting a license and how to get over them?

if your answer is yes, then you’re at the right site. I have the info and resources to guide you through understanding how to get dealer license without a car lot and much more!

All you need is to get the right tools and systems working for you to get your license.

You’ll find all you need on this website!

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How to Get a Dealer License Without a Car Lot — 61 Comments

  1. Found an 10×12 office leased by a storage facility for $200 a month in California . I’m pretty sure I can get wholesale dealer plus broker endorsement. 2 display areas i need for retail. Office can be parked in front thinking that could be one designated invemtory spot and maybe one storage unit can be used within 1000 feet if not i can also lease office next to it for another 200, that would give me 2 spots. I will start my journey tomorrow.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Is a dealer’s licence transferable? A used cars dealer in PA selling his business, he said he would sell the whole business to me so everything including dealer licence will be transferred to my name. I searched internet but didn’t find anything about transferring a dealer’s licence? Also he said in some towns new dealership is not allowed to be opened by the town office if there are already too many dealers existing in that area. Any info you have regarding this?

    • Shah
      Here we go again SEARCHING the Internet! Go to the website I show below. They will probably not have the answer there because the question so unique. If they don’t have it. Than DON’T search the Internet​. Call the PA dealer licensing agency and ask. The phone number is on the top of that document.

      As far as the city restrictions, call the zoning commission in the city you are looking to place your business. In my ebook of the 12 steps to getting a license, that is one of the 12 steps.

  3. ON PA website it’s clearly mentioned that a display area (with properly lighting) of at least 5000 sq.ft is required to have dealer licence. Is it not enough to be a car lot?
    Also I heard that a ‘bathroom’ with separate office is must to get the dealer’s licence.

  4. I see the storage location is used as a dealer. Living in California I read that permeant signage is part of the requirements. Could the signage be hung inside a storage unit? Would a storage unit be feasible in California?

    The option to share a location in California sound interesting. Would I have to set up a separate desk, phone line, file cabinet…..?

    Thank you for your help.

    • David
      You are generalizing and missing the point. This not a storage unit in the general sense of a “storage unit” for storing personal items.
      It’s commercial location.
      It has bathrooms.
      It has an office space.
      It is large enough to park two vehicles inside.
      It has large doors at both ends so you can drive a truck through the rented space.
      To answer your question, Yes,a commercial unit LIKE THIS would be be feasible for California IF it meets the requirements of the state.
      The sign he has on the door meets the Colorado signage requirements. No, signage cannot be indoors. He could put a larger sign OVER the door if the state required it.

      There are other options for facilities that meet state requirements that I show in my eBook.

      Yes, you can share locations AS LONG, AS THE SHARING MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS. Most states require that a shared location must have a separate entry and office from the other shared business.


  5. Hi Don,
    I will like to know if it is possible to get a dealer license in Florida to buy and sale cars. Without a business location or lot.

    • Renzo
      EVERY state requires a business location. There must be a location to sell and show a vehicle. It does not have to be a car “lot” as we consider a dealer location.
      As you see in the video, this ONE video example of a “dealership”. I know of one “dealer” who shared a location with a barbershop. These examples confoirmed to rules of a business location for a dealer in their state.

    • Ash… There is no such thing as “renting” a license. A person can’t rent professional licenses.
      A dealer can put you on his access to dealer only auctions. But if you bid and buy a vehicle at the auction, you don’t own it. The title will be assigned to the dealer.

        • Rodolfo

          Any dealer can add an individual to access dealer auctions under the dealer’s account. But you need to understand, the dealer owns the vehicle. The dealer has the auction account.

          Dealers cannot sell vehicles off-site except with permission of the state.

          So this means if you are added to the auction list, you can only sell the vehicle as a rep, agent or salesperson of the dealership. And the sale must be made at the dealership. It cannot be made from a home or a Walmart parking lot. This rule is to protect the consumer. Why? They cannot without special permission.

          Example: there is an annual county fair and a dealer wants to set up a sales tent and vehicles. This can be done but the dealer has to complete a form and gets approval from the state.

          Some folks will say but I just want to sell on the Internet or Craigslist. One does not SELL on the Internet or Craigslist. They advertise on these media. The sale takes place where the buyer views, drives and negotiates the price. At the dealership. How many dealers do you see selling vehicles from driveways or parking lots of stores?


  6. I would like to purchase a dealer license in Georgia and I have read over the application; it seems as if a storage building would work however they require a landline phone which is asinine. Do you know any way of getting around that? I don’t want to pay to rent a room or building for a part-time gig. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Quan….. There no secret ways to get around your state’s requirements. You can operate part-time but the requirements are for the business not how you operate it. Don

  7. Hi There Don, I’m very excited about the dealer license I’m from Tx and had a small question? I have a friend that has a Macanic shop, has the space , office and bathroom to meet the requirements, would I be able to use his shop so I can get a Dealers License under my name? Thank you! 🙂

  8. Hello, Virginia Code says:

    Your dealership must be at least 250 sq ft in size, in a permanent, enclosed building that is not used as a residence.
    You must devote sales, service, and office space solely to the dealership and have adjoining space large enough to display at least 10 vehicles.

    Does this mean that I can apply the commercial storage as meeting the requirements?

    • Melanie

      1. Read the requirements in your state and understand them.
      2. Find a place that meets those requirements at the lowest rent.

      If a commercial storage building meets your state requirements, then yes, it meets the requirements I clearly state in the video the storage building meets the requirements in the state of Colorado. Do not infer this type of unit meets Texas requirements.

      The point I was making you don’t need a “lot” in any state. You have to find a location that matches the requirements of your state. I clearly show you haw to do this in my resources on my webpage.


  9. Hi Don,

    I want to buy fixer uppers, fix them at my house and then sell them legally of course. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do, I live in MN. I just don’t want to pay for your services and find out its not what I need. Can you give me some info that will “persuade” me that you will be able to help? Like can I fix cars at my house but rent something cheap for zoning purposes? etc etc etc…



    • Shawn First a general answer. On my website I give a 100% guaranteed refund for any reason for any time limit. And I can’t cheat you on this because I intentionally selected PayPal to do the payment processing. If I don’t refund a request, PayPal will do the refund because of my guarantee. You are not paying for my services, you are paying for my experience and knowledge. For $27. Why so affordable? They are eBook(s). Kindle has set the bar LOW for pricing “electronic” books.

      Now a specific answer. Yes, you can do as you asked, if your neighbors don’t complain about your repair operations. 🙂 I don’t know what you mean by cheap. The business location must meet the requirements of the state. In MN you can buy and sell up to five cars a year without a license. The issue with doing that is finding cars in public sales (Craigslist, Auto Trader, public sales and on the side of the road) to buy cheap enough to make a profit. At dealer only auctions and insurance auctions (dealers only) those cars are available at wholesale prices.

      You can read the building requirements for MN here: Note you can share a location. This ideally would be another small dealer, a mechanic or …….a barber shop. I’m not joking about that. I have a friend who is out the business now, but he did share a building location with a barber shop and it would meet the requirements for MN. It was here in Colorado. How about a closed gas station? It would even have a lift and repair bay(s).

      You’ll find more in my materiel including answers to questions you don’t know to ask because of not having experience in obtaining a license and operating a car sales business. It’s not like selling cars off a Walmart parking lot. Good luck.


  10. Hi, my name is Al. I live in Michigan and as I was reading the requirements of the established place, the website states specific dimensions of the office, bathroom, etc. My point is that it seems as though my state is very specific when it comes down to receiving my dealers license. Can you help me?

    • Al Every state has requirements. If you do not wish to buy a building as you mentioned in another post, then you will have to find one to lease or you could share with another business such as a auto repair shop or another dealer. I explain these and other options in the “How to Get a Dealer License” ebook. You can see this as a roadblock or a challenge. The business location requirement is in every state’s dealer license application. The states do no want consumers to have to buy cars at apartments or Walmart parking lots from a sanctioned official dealer. Don

    • Regina You cannot sell cars from your home with a dealers license unless your home is zoned commercial. You do not need a “lot”. No state requires a lot. You must have a business location that meets the requirements of the Maryland license. Don

  11. Good morning Don,
    You have my attention. I live in California. I would like to get a dealers license and begin selling cars. Not so much full time right now but maybe in the future. The biggest question I have is do I need a storefront??? What is considered a storefront in the eyes of the California elite??? Approximate cost of getting my license???

    • David Do you need a storefront. No, you need a business location. The requirements are clearly defined in the California license requirements. Don’t read into the requirements things that are not there like needing a storefront. The requirements don’t not say anything about a storefront. And the “California Elite” have nothing to do with dealer licensing. 🙂

  12. Hi I’m trying to start buying cars at auction & selling them out on street in Chicago Illinois? How do I proceed I don’t want to have a lot. Just maybe 2-3 cars every 2 weeks or so start small

    • Victor To get access to the dealer only auctions you are required by the auction to have a dealer license. In Illinois, the maximum number of vehicles you can buy and sell without a dealer license is 4 per year. So to do what you want to do requires the license and a business location… tho not a lot, as I explain in the video. Also there are other options to have as a business location that I give in my eBook. A business location is required. The license will not be approved for a residential location. Don

  13. Hello Don,

    I appreciate the information on this website,you are truly helping people here.I have a question.I’m sure you heard of these online programs that lets you join an LLC and connects you with a dealership.Is it legal to partner with a dealership in the same state but different city and sell cars from a business location? I’m located in california.Thanks

    • James…. Every state requires that the vehicle is be shown and sold (sold includes offer of the price, negotiate and agree) at the business location of the licensed dealer. To do otherwise, such as weekend tent sale at the county fair, or auto show requires notification to the state. You can check this with your DMV at 916-229-3126.

  14. Don,
    i want to start my used car dealer here in virginia but want to start very small, do i have to have a lot or could it be small office place with couple parking spots? or should i try small place like you mentioned above that has inside space?

    • Rick
      You must read the requirements in your state and see if the one example I gave on the website meets the requirements of Virginia. As I mentioned, the commercial storage building in the photo meets Colorado requirements. You must interpret Virginia’s requirements as cheaply as possible. There are other options that I cover in the ebook, “HOw to get a Dealer’s License”

  15. Don, I would like to get a dealers license in Atlanta Georgia to buy cars from the auction and to do import/export. I do not have a car lot or a commercial business location…. only a home office. Can I do this?

    • Malik

      My initial response is no, unless your residence is zoned commercial.

      Here is how the Georgia State website answers your question:

      Whether you can lawfully operate a used car dealership out of your residence will depend upon the requirements and restrictions of your local zoning ordinances. Even though you plan to operate from your residence, you must meet the requirements of an “established place of business”, as defined in the Used Motor Vehicle Dealers’ and Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealers’ Registration Act and Board Rule 681-6-.01, which is available for review on our website. You should contact your city or county Planning & Zoning Office to determine if current regulations will allow you to operate the business from your residence. You should also ask if current regulations will allow you to erect a permanent sign at your residence to advertise your business as a used car dealership. The Board rule requires a permanent sign to be displayed at the location of the dealer’s office, and the rule further requires that the dealership office must be in a detached building on the residential property that is fully furnished according to the requirements of an established place of business. The dealership cannot be set up in the residence.

  16. If someone I know has his dealers license and lot, can I buy and sell cars under his license? If so what are the requirements and responsibilities on both sides?

    • Chris…. Yes, you can be put on his Auction Access account and bid and purchase cars at the auctions BUT you will NOT be the owner. He is. Dealer only auctions cannot sell to individuals. So only he can sell the car. You cannot take the car to your home, advertise it and sell it. You don’t own it.
      He can make you an employee of his company and then you can sell the car as an employee. But you cannot sell it from your home nor advertise it as you are the owner.
      Of course he could SELL the car to you. Then you have to pay taxes, license and other fees. Then you can sell it because you own it. Now you are must follow the regulations in your state regarding individuals selling and buying vehicles.

  17. I’m so thankful for your website. At first I was discouraged due to the high price of commercial real estate in my area. You have helped me think “outside of the box” with the commercial storage building idea. This is totally genius and overhead cost are extremely low. Thank you.

    • Odie
      Glad to be of help. One word of caution. The example I show on the website may or may not fulfill your state requirements. I have other options that I discuss in my eBooks.

      • Yes sir I purchased your ebooks online. I feel even though some of my biggest hurdles and questions were answered online in your forum section your expertise and time dedicated to help others deserved compensation for your vast knowledge. I have good news even with my low credit score of 660 I was still able to obtain a $50,000 bond at an annual rate of 2%. I was so scared to even apply but thanks to your site it helped boost my confidence. I would love to meet you one day. You have truly helped me and my wife dreams come true

  18. Hi Don,

    When you become a retail dealer and sell to the public other than signing over the pink slip and writing a sales receipt would I be required to do the same amount of paperwork and offer a 72 hour cooling off period just as you would if you worked at a dealership and sold vehicles to the public?


  19. If I want to get my dealers license to buy and sell cars in the state of California, am I required to have a business location before getting my license?

  20. Mr. Massey

    I’m located in Tucson Arizona. I need more information about the “BOX”. The idea of embarking in this venture would be to buy but send the vehicles to be sold in Mexico. Was wondering if you could please point me in the right direction. What do I need to be able to jump start this business/idea???

    I watched several of your videos and read through the license requiremtens but I still feel lost regarding the steps I need to follow.

    Also I don’t count with much space/an actual lot to currently store vehicles.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Hector Torres

    • Hector
      The details you need are in my manuals that I have on the website. THey show you the step by step details to getting a license. It’s not something that be covered in a few explanations on the net. Sorry but I need to be compensated in a small way for my knowledge and expertise.
      Example: To do what what you want to do you only need a wholesale dealer license and you don’t need a “lot” as a wholesaler. It’s explained in detail in the “Wholesale Dealer License” ebook in the package for $27. Plus after you purchase the ebooks, you’ll get my FREE consulting services if needed.

  21. hi Don you website is amazing…
    my question is : how to get dealer plates, sales and buy cars on auction em Ga ( Atlanta ) without business location ? its possible ?
    my plan is start whit 3 or 5 cars .. like individual sales …
    thanks ..

    • Dave
      You cannot do that. A MSO is what a new car dealer receives from the manufacturer of the vehicle.” Manufacturer Certificate of Origin” After the new car is purchased, the MSO is sent to the state and a title is then issued. A MSO can be passed from dealer to dealer and never titled as long as no individual has taken ownership.
      Dealers will NOT sell a new (never titled) car for export. It violates their franchise agreement with the manufacturer. Manufacturers do this to protect the dealers in other countries from competition of new cars from other countries. If it was possible to do this, every American BMW, Lexus, Toyota, etc…dealership would be in the business of exporting. People who are attempting to do this are easy to spot. They pay cash, always. Dealers will ask a form to be signed that the car is not being purchased for export to sell.
      Signing that that statement is a contractual issue and falls under civil law. Also when the new buyer, say in Germany, takes the car in for warranty work, the rouse is discovered.

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